VERANDA (Italy | Lombardy | Milan | Restaurant)

  • Address: Via Bezzecca 6, Milan, 20135

The review below is from Mario Pisapia’s 2017 Milan City Guide.


Address : Via Bezzecca 6, 20135 

Web-Site : 

Phone : +39 02 3998 0378 

Cuisine : Russian 

Nearest Metro Station : Porta Romana (but some way away, tram services 12 and 27 are nearer) 

This restaurant offers a cuisine which is hard to find in Milan, namely authentic Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavan and Georgian dishes. The restaurant is quite small in size but there is an intimate and comfortable atmosphere and the owners have a positive and engaging attitude. The prices are reasonable and the servers are keen to offer diners recommendations if they’re new to this type of cuisine. The environment is quite homely and this is an ideal location for a night out for small groups of friends or a couple. 

The borsch is recommended, as are the blini with smoked salmon. 

The restaurant is open from 12.30 until 15.00 and from 19.00 until 22.30 on Tuesdays to Sundays and is closed all day on Mondays. Advance recommendations are recommended, particularly during the weekends.