DUBLIN PASS (Ireland | Dublin County | Dublin | Tourist Pass)

Web: http://www.dublinpass.com/

The Dublin Pass is a tourist pass which offers free entrance into numerous attractions in the city, as well as a free bus journey from the airport and access to a hop-on hop-off bus tour. The pass comes in different durations, which are 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and 5-day passes. The passes can be purchased on the official web-site and either collected at pick-up points in the city, posted to addresses worldwide or sent directly to the Dublin Pass Mobile App.

The passes are priced at:

1 day pass : €52 for adults and €31 for children

2 day pass : €73 for adults and €41 for children

3 day pass : €83 for adults and €52 for children

5 day pass : €104 for adults and €62 for children

However, there are frequently sales on which can reduce the price by around 10% or 15%. Some of these sales could perhaps be viewed as just a little misleading, as it claims that the pass must be purchased by a certain date to obtain a discount, but these dates are sometimes just extended so there isn’t always the rush that there might appear.

For a first time visitor to the city this pass can represent very good value for money, although it requires some organisation to get from site to site. The best value is obtained on the longer passes, as it can be hard to see enough on a 1-day pass to justify the cost.

There are some locations, such as Malahide Castle, Dalkey Castle, AquaZone, Skerries Mills and Airfield Farm which are quite a way from the city centre. A visit to any of these would take up a significant part of the day, meaning it may be better value to just pay separately for entry rather than waste a whole day’s worth of pass. There are also some attractions which are free of charge for all and the pass just gives either a discount in the cafe or a free guidebook.

There are also some attractions, such as the Guinness Storehouse, where there are discounts available for purchasing tickets on-line. This means that tickets for entry can be under €20, whereas the quoted price for entrance to the Storehouse is €25.

For visitors, the big attractions which are included in the pass are the Guinness Storehouse (entrance normally up to €25 – but on-line discounts are available), the hop-on hop-off bus tour (€19 – but on-line discounts are available), Dublin Zoo (€17.50), Jameson Distillery Bow Street (€18) and the National Wax Museum (€15). For any visitor who can visit all of these then the pass is worthwhile as it offers entrance into other locations and also a few other discounts. For those who prefer a leisurely visit to attractions, or want to visit other attractions in the city which aren’t included, then the pass might not be worth the money.

There are also some other considerations, such as the Dublin Aircoach ticket which is included in the price of the pass. However, for many visitors to the city they’d be arriving in Dublin later on in the day, and if they use the pass on the bus then it activates the pass. As the pass is by calendar day, it means that anyone buying a two-day pass and using it on a Wednesday evening on the Aircoach would find that the pass expires at the end of Thursday.

The pass is though well managed and locations who take part in the scheme are knowledgeable about how it works and visitors are unlikely to find any problems. The new mobile app makes using the pass much easier, as well as making it possible for people already in Dublin to purchase the pass and then start using it immediately. The pass also comes with a guidebook which gives further information about the attractions which can be visited, with phone support available for those who might have any queries.

Overall, the pass can provide decent value for visitors to the city, but it would requires relatively heavy use of the card to get that value. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that it encourages visitors to try visiting attractions that they might not otherwise have done, which can lead to them having positive experiences which they might not have had.