Grosvenor is the number one-star rated restaurant in Norwich on TripAdvisor and its status is well-deserved. The previous owner Mal passed this fish and chip shop down to his son around five years ago, and it has continued to thrive under the new management. The shop is situated in the Norwich Lanes, a shopping area known for its quirky and independent shops.


The first thing that many customers notice about Grosvenor is that there’s a long queue outside the shop waiting to order. The wait isn’t usually excessive and the co-owner Duane is frequently on hand taking advance orders and helping customers with orders. His American charm is a positive first impression and it also ensures that food is more likely to be ready when customers reach the end of the queue.


There are the usual options that would be expected in a fish and chip shop, such as cod, sausages (from small to foot-long) and pies, but there is also a more extensive specials menu. This include Bass with Sass (a seabass wrap with lettuce and spicy mango salsa) and the Big Mack (a roll with crispy mackerel fillet, lettuce and a tartare sauce inside).


The shop also has a secret menu (or more precisely, a special requests menu) and it’s even possible to pre-order battered pizzas.

For a long time the downstairs seating area was a more formal table service affair, but this has now been redecorated with a corrugated iron and wood effect, which brings out the historic charm of the building. Customers order at the bar and food is served straight away from takeaways, brought downstairs for those eating in, or taken over the road to the Bird Cage for those who want to eat in the pub. There is also a small eating area on the ground floor of the shop and a few iron chairs placed outside.


The standard of the food is high and customers rarely leave anything other than very pleased with their order. The batter is crispy with a fresh taste and flavour, whilst the fish flakes away and the majority of items are freshly prepared. Sauces such as tomato ketchup are an extra charge, but there are free condiments such as Tabasco sauce, jalapeno sauce and chip spice.

The shop is clean and tidy with toilet facilities downstairs, although these are a little hidden away. There is though a good availability of staff, so it’s easy to find someone to ask for assistance. The prices charged are also very reasonable and there have been very few increases over recent years.

The shop has been popular with locals for many years, but students often discover Grosvenor and become regular customer, whilst the high TripAdvisor review brings in visitors to the area. Overall this is a highly recommended location for a cheap meal which is of a good quality, in an environment where customer service is taken very seriously.

The shop is open from 11.30 until 19.30ish from Mondays to Saturdays (closed all day on Sundays), with the closing time being dependent on how busy the area is. Further information is available at

This article was written by Tim Glenn, author of the Norwich City Guide.