F-HOEJ DELI (Denmark | Midtjylland | Aarhus | Restaurant)

  • Address: Grønnegade 2, 8000


Address: Grønnegade 2, 8000

Web: http://www.fhoj.dk/

Cuisine: Danish

This deli restaurant is the off-shoot of Restaurant Frederikshøj and specialises in Smørrebrød, which are traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches, and desserts. The quality of the Smørrebrød is high and there are around eight different ones to choose from on the menu, which are all well presented and having pleasants tastes and flavours. The restaurant sources products locally where possible and they also offer a takeaway service. The restaurant is quite small in size, with customers ordering at the counter, and they don’t accept reservations for tables.

The fried plaice and almond Smørrebrød is recommended, as is the herring and spring onions Smørrebrød.

The restaurant is open from 11.00 until 16.00 on Tuesdays to Saturdays and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.